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Kevin Tang

I started working with Rich when I first decided to start training after never having done any serious physical activity in my life. When we first started working together, we had a really general focus covering basically everything because everything was new to me. We covered everything including how to do cardio, how to lift weights with proper form, nutrition, mobility, and how to recover from exercise.

As we progressed, I found myself much more into the barbell exercises and Rich was able to adapt our sessions to meet that focus. We would start doing things like squatting and deadlifting where I got to the point where I went from having never done those movements to lifting well over my bodyweight. Eventually Rich also introduced me to Olympic lifting which has become my new interest. Along the way, we had to address issues like drilling proper technique and developing enough flexibility get into the various positions without pain including the ability to hold significant weight overhead. Due to Rich's focus on technique, I have a solid foundation to build on top of as I progress these movements and all of my other fitness goals. I now feel like I'm in shape, I'm stronger and more coordinated than I ever was, and I'm a lot more knowledgeable about my training and health.

Jesse M.

I started training with Rich in November of 2016.  At the time I hadn’t been in a gym for over 6 years and thought that purchasing a package of training sessions would help ease me back into a routine.  Well it may have been my intention to only purchase one package, but here I am a year later working out twice a week with Rich.  These training sessions have been an invaluable experience for me.  From the beginning Rich was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and create a training regimen to help me achieve my goals and then surpass them.  Not only have I gained knowledge of proper technique and form to help avoid injury, Rich has also explained a lot of the mechanics behind building a structured workout routine - this helps to make the days I work out on my own much more effective than they’ve ever been in the past.  Thanks to Rich I feel healthier, stronger and motivated to continue on this journey.

Sue G.

When I started working out with Rich I was at a loss as to what to do in the gym. He taught me how to work out more productively on my own. I keep training with him because he's really helping me improve my form, he's great at uncovering underlying weaknesses that need to be prioritized, and I feel like I learn something with every visit. I also really appreciate how hard he works to create routines that not only address my specific goals/needs but are in the format I like so I want to repeat them later.

Brian H.

I used to be a very active athlete, but after multiple knee surgeries, I had become inactive and out of shape. This put a strain on my energy levels and mood going from an active person to someone who did not do much besides walking. I felt a piece of me was lost when I could no longer play basketball or ski. I decided to do something about it and met Rich. On top of having knee issues, working out was never a favorite activity of mine. Rich changed that with his workout plans and not only tailored our workouts to help get me back to being an athlete, he also made working out enjoyable. I am now squatting more weight than I ever have and am looking forward to playing in a basketball league and hitting the slopes this winter all because Rich helped tailor a program to get me back out there. Most importantly, not only is he a great trainer, but he is a good guy who always has a smile on his face and friendly conversation.


I've been training with Rich for about 3 months now. I started training in order to improve my posture and gain upper body strength, and I had almost zero experience with strength training (was mostly doing cardio all my life). Now after 3 months I feel SO much more confident with gym equipment, technique for various exercises and see a big improvement in my posture, strength and body shape (definitely see some muscles!). Also I'm very close to my first ever push-up!
What I like about training with Rich is that he is really attentive to my needs and puts together training sessions specific to my goals and concerns. We work a lot on the proper form in all of the exercises to prevent any possible injury and get the most out of workouts. He also tracks my training in general: develops workouts which I do on my own other days of the week and gives guidance on nutrition and HIIT cardio routines! All in all I have a great experience training with Rich and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking into working with a personal trainer!