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Meet Richard Garing

Personal Trainer

Dance Instructor/Choreographer


Rich has been active since a young age. He was that kid who always came back from recess covered in sweat, and played outside until the sun went down. Throughout high school he participated in cross country and track & field competing in 5K's, high hurdles, intermediate hurdles, triple jump, and pole vault. During his junior year, he started performing with Project D Dance Company, and eventually led as an assistant director for one season. After graduating, Rich left the world of competitive sports in order to focus on his studies at the University of Washington (UW). He maintained an active lifestyle by studying modern dance at the UW, and diving into a variety of activities including gymnastics, weight training, running, and snowboarding. This lifestyle completely changed when he injured his low back in 2007.

Rich's low back injury taught him the importance of maintaining a healthy body. He struggled to perform daily tasks such as bending over the sink to wash his face, picking things up off the floor, and even walking. Physical therapy helped, but it was only the first step to recovery. By circumstance, Rich immersed himself in dance for an entire quarter at the UW studying dance composition, modern, and social dance, which developed the core strength and mobility that finally healed his back. He was able to return to doing the things he loved and continued exploring new activities like cycling, hiking, and rock climbing.

Rich worked as a dance teacher for 3 years before deciding to combine his passion for teaching movement with his experience from years of physical activity, and start a career in personal training. In 2011, he graduated from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Seattle. He has trained a wide variety of individuals for weight loss, muscle growth, increasing strength and power, improving posture, and more! Rich has also had firsthand experiences recovering from low back, shoulder, and knee injuries giving him insight into properly progressing toward a return to activity. He strives to teach people about the importance of regularly moving the body and a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and he hopes to inspire people to do things they never thought they could.